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January 1, 2018

The Police Regional office 1 (PRO1) has sustained a “generally peaceful” crime situation and New Year’s celebration in Region 1 in the year-end period with no significant incidents transpired and attained a 57% decrease in firecracker-related injuries.

I am particularly happy for having no reported death in Region 1 and for having no single incident of indiscriminate firing and stray bullet injuries during the New Year’s revelry and a significant decrease of firecracker related injuries. Based on record from December 16, 2017 to January 1, 2018, a total of 80 incidents of firecracker related injuries were recorded which is 61 incidents lower as compared to 141 incidents of the same period last year. One (1) incident of indiscriminate firing was recorded as compared to 12 incidents last year.

This noteworthy accomplishment can be attributed to the vigilance of the police with the support of the community in the strict enforcement of Executive Order No. 28, prohibitions against illegal firecrackers and indiscriminate firing, heightened awareness of the public through government and non-government organization’s information efforts and the inter-agency coordination by health officials, local government units and law enforcement agencies.

With our stern commitment to duty especially in protecting the community, I directed all our unit commanders to stay vigilant and ensure the maximum full alert status before, during and after the revelries to ensure safety of the community. This effort was also complemented thru extensive information dissemination and surprised inspection of our local police on stalls selling firecrackers and deployment of police personnel from the regional and provincial headquarters as augmentation of our police force on the ground.

Hence, let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your concerted efforts and cooperation in bringing the yuletide season in Region 1 peaceful. I would like to congratulate the members of Region 1 police, Department of Health (DOH), community, other law enforcement agencies, local government units (LGUs) barangay police and other force multipliers and stakeholders for a resounding success in the campaign to reduce firecracker-related injuries this year.

I would like also to encourage the citizens to cooperate with the police by reporting any incident of indiscriminate firing of guns or use of prohibited firecrackers. You may report thru PRO1 hotline (072)700-0518, 09178407783 or 09209686779 and we assure speedy response to your complaints.


Regional Director, Police Regional Office 1

Issue on the recall of the security escorts of Former Congressman EufranioEriguel

May 30, 2018/ PRO1 Headquarters



Good day ladies and gentlemen!


First of all, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of the late former congressman EufranioC Eriguel, may the comfort of our God be with you and may you be consoled by the outpouring support of our kakailians!


The PNP leadership of Police Regional Office 1 and the whole PNP as well, condemned in the strongest manner the brutal killing of the former lawmaker.


In response to the privilege speech of Congresswoman Sandra Eriguelon May 28, 2018, at the House of the Representatives wherein she blamed the police particularly the PRO1 leadership as responsible in the recall of the police personnel detailed as their protective security, I would like to emphasize that the PNP Region 1 never recalled security escort of the late Eriguel, the fact that we never detail police personnel as his protective security, because he is not entitled to it. First, he is not an incumbent public official. Second, he is identified as Narco-Politics by no less than the President of the Philippines Rodrigo RoaDuterte. Third, no written request for protective security was received by this office. We only recalled the police escorts of Congresswoman Sandra Eriguel and Mayor Stefanie Ann Eriguel and these personnel were detailedfor them as a matter of courtesy and not a policy. Furthermore, the policy is that the Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG) of the PNP who is the one in- charge of providing security protection for the VIPs and qualified personalities.


We honestly say, that as much as our office desired to prevent the recall of the police personnel, we are duty-bound to do so in compliance with the PNP National Headquarters’ directive.


Furthermore, while we share with the sentiments of the Eriguel family, and as Regional Director of the Region 1 police, we are also mandated to implement any legal orders to that effect, where the security maybe recalled or terminated anytime or even before the expiration of the detail when the demands of the PNP so requires which holds true during the election period.


During our series of conferences with the COMELEC and AFP in Region 1, we discovered that we lack about a thousand personnel to man the voting places and the detail of these security personnel to election duties is one of the noblesttasks which is to secure the rights of the people to suffrage.


With respect to the allegation that Police Chief Inspector Alfredo D Padilla Jr., then the Agoo Chief of Police failed to dispatch security detail at the Meeting de Avance at Barangay Capas, Agoo, La Union is now one of the matters being investigated by the SITG Eriguel.


For now, this is not the time offinger-pointing, for this will not help in the speedy resolution of the case. What we need now is the concerted effort of every concerned individual.It is the desire of this leadership to resolve this case as early as possible to give justice to the victims.


Thank you very much!

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO -- The Police Regional Office 1 and the Teachers of English as Secondary Language Association of the Philippines (TESLA Philippines) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on Monday (March 13) to foster closer ties in providing trainings particularly to the members of Region 1 police.

Police Chief Superintendent Charlo C. Collado, PRO1’s Acting Regional Director referred to as first party and Mr. Eli T. Natividad, Director of TESLA Philippines referred to as the second party, affixed their signatures on the MOA as other police officials and staff of TESLA witnessed the said event coincided with the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony.  

The MOA stated that the TESLA Phils. through its Research and Extension Office will assist the conduct of language trainings to PRO1 members who will be identified by the first party to participate. 

The MOA specifically stated the conduct of training on Grammar, Pronunciation, News Writing, Common Errors, Filipinism and Emceeing/Hosting.

PCSupt. Collado expressed his appreciation on the said partnership especially in enhancing the communication skills of his police personnel.  “We are happy to have this MOA in order for them to be more effective and efficient in dealing with the public,” PCSupt. Collado added. ###




PRO1 conducted a 2 day Sportfest dubbed as “Laro ng Lahi” is to strengthen the bonds among uniformed and non-uniformed personnel and their dependents. Furthermore, it aims to bring back the fun and excitement of playing those Traditional Street Games. It also reminds us of the good memories and joyful days of our childhood days.

 CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO – Police Chief Superintendent Charlo C. Collado, PRO1’s (Police Regional Office 1) Regional Director recently received an award in Camp Crame after PRO1 was adjudged as the “Best Police Regional Office” for garnering the highest score in a nationwide search in celebration of the 116th Police Service Anniversary.

PCSupt. Collado said, the award is a manifestation of PRO1’s culture of excellence and a source of pride for PRO1 personnel, from the highest down to the lowest level. “I commend them all for their dedicated service to the people of Region 1, and I thank also the Local Government Units, various government agencies, non-government organizations and other sectors of the community for their indispensable contribution in helping PRO1 achieved this exceptional feat,” the Regional Director added.

Meanwhile, the Vigan City Police Station in Ilocos Sur under the leadership of PSupt. Marlo A. Castillo was also adjudged as Best Component City Police Station nationwide. Senior Police Officer 2 Harold V. Nicolas of Laoag City Police Station and Police Officer 2 Jhan Lay P. Apostol of San Nicolas Police Station both in Ilocos Norte were also awarded as Best Senior Police Non-Commissioned Officer for Operations and Best Junior PNCO for Operations, respectively.

The awarding was done in a fitting ceremony at the PNP National Headquarters during the 116th Police Service Anniversary Celebration on August 9, 2017 wherein President Rodrigo R. Duterte served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker.###

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