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99.93% affected barangays in Region 1 cleared of drugs

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO –Region 1 police director Chief
Superintendent Romulo E. Sapitula is looking forward for the declaration of Region 1
as drug cleared, after 99.93 percent of the total number of drug affected barangays
were cleared by the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC).
PCSupt. Sapitula, PRO1’s (Police Regional Office 1) Regional Director, said a total
of 2,899 barangays out of the 2,901 affected barangays have been cleared of illegal
drugs by BADAC.
The Regional Director said, the two remaining affected barangays are in the province
of Ilocos Sur and these are categorized as “seriously affected.”
In the Barangay Drug Clearing Operations, drug affected areas are classified into
three category such as, “slightly affected,” where drug users are present;
“moderately affected,” or areas with drug pushers and “seriously affected,” or places
with shabu tiangge or store, shabu laboratory, marijuana plantation or chemical
“These BADAC cleared barangays are now being validated by the PDEA-RO1 and
the Regional Validation Committee to ensure that these barangays are totally
cleared of illegal drugs. As of this date, a total of 1,584 were already validated and
cleared as drug free barangays. Our police has further intensified their anti-illegal
drugs campaign to prevent the resurgence of this menace in these barangays,”
PCSupt. Sapitula added.
Meanwhile, the continuing anti-illegal drugs campaign of PRO1 has recorded a total
of 39,502 drug surrenderers composed of 36,158 users and 3,344 pushers. With
these surrenderers, 29,191 undergone the Recovery Wellness Program initiated by
the police and Local Government Units through their health units and local social
welfare development offices.
Since the start of the campaign (July 1, 2016- to date), a total of 3,217 illegal drug
personalities were arrested by the police and all of them were properly charged in