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January 1, 2018

The Police Regional office 1 (PRO1) has sustained a “generally peaceful” crime situation and New Year’s celebration in Region 1 in the year-end period with no significant incidents transpired and attained a 57% decrease in firecracker-related injuries.

I am particularly happy for having no reported death in Region 1 and for having no single incident of indiscriminate firing and stray bullet injuries during the New Year’s revelry and a significant decrease of firecracker related injuries. Based on record from December 16, 2017 to January 1, 2018, a total of 80 incidents of firecracker related injuries were recorded which is 61 incidents lower as compared to 141 incidents of the same period last year. One (1) incident of indiscriminate firing was recorded as compared to 12 incidents last year.

This noteworthy accomplishment can be attributed to the vigilance of the police with the support of the community in the strict enforcement of Executive Order No. 28, prohibitions against illegal firecrackers and indiscriminate firing, heightened awareness of the public through government and non-government organization’s information efforts and the inter-agency coordination by health officials, local government units and law enforcement agencies.

With our stern commitment to duty especially in protecting the community, I directed all our unit commanders to stay vigilant and ensure the maximum full alert status before, during and after the revelries to ensure safety of the community. This effort was also complemented thru extensive information dissemination and surprised inspection of our local police on stalls selling firecrackers and deployment of police personnel from the regional and provincial headquarters as augmentation of our police force on the ground.

Hence, let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your concerted efforts and cooperation in bringing the yuletide season in Region 1 peaceful. I would like to congratulate the members of Region 1 police, Department of Health (DOH), community, other law enforcement agencies, local government units (LGUs) barangay police and other force multipliers and stakeholders for a resounding success in the campaign to reduce firecracker-related injuries this year.

I would like also to encourage the citizens to cooperate with the police by reporting any incident of indiscriminate firing of guns or use of prohibited firecrackers. You may report thru PRO1 hotline (072)700-0518, 09178407783 or 09209686779 and we assure speedy response to your complaints.

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