CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO- PRO1 Regional Director, Police Brigadier General Westrimundo D Obinque confirmed yesterday (May 16) the surrender of a former member of Platun Dos, KLG AMPIS (Antonio Licawen Front Operational Command) at 102nd Maneuver Company Headquarters, Regional Mobile Force Battalion 1, Barangay Rosario, Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.

Based on the report, the surrenderer identified as “Ka Ben” turned to the folds of the law and surrendered one Cal. 5.56 mm Elisco M16 A1 RIFLE with serial number RP 24042, two short magazines, one bandolier and one fuse for Improvised Explosive Device (IED) to the authorities.

The surrender was facilitated by the joint elements of 102nd Maneuver Company, RMFB1 (lead unit); Naval Intelligence and Security Group – Northern Luzon (NISG-NL); RID-PRO1; RIU 1; PIU, LUPPO; 103rd MC, RMFB1; Quirino MPS; CIDG-RFU1; Cervantes MPS; 1502nd MC, RMFB15; 143rd SAC, 14SAB, PNP-SAF; S2, 702nd Brigade, PA; 69 IB, PA; 73rd MICO; 580th Aircraft Control and Warning Wing;1st LUPMFC; LUPSWD and NICA RO1.

In his statement, PBGEN Obinque lauded the operatives for exerting their efforts in negotiating and facilitating the surrender.

“This is a clear manifestation of the government’s sincere efforts towards peace and progress. We will take this accomplishment as a milestone in intensifying our information campaigns and tactical operations with the active support of the community and the local government agencies under the Whole-of-Nation Approach”, he averred.

Meanwhile, “Ka Ben” is now under the custody of Regional Mobile Force Battalion 1 Headquarters for custodial debriefing and processing of his enrolment to E-CLIP. He was also given monetary assistance from Regional Mobile Force Battalion 1.

From January 2022 to present, 15 former members of Communist Terrorist Groups, 3 supporters of CTGs, 136 members of Left Leaning Organizations, and 49 members of Underground Mass Organization surrendered in Region 1, most of whom already received their reintegration packages under the E-CLIP.